Thursday, February 11, 2016

practicing patience

I've been a little surprised at times just how quickly I've found secondhand items on my list! Sometimes, it's been almost like shopping in new stores (just with fewer options). A couple of times, I've added an item to my list and was able to take it off after my next shopping trip, but occasionally something takes awhile to find. That's when my patience and resolve may be tested.

Last year, I kept an eye out for a great deal on a weaving loom for about 6 months before finding the right one. Not a big deal. It's not like I use it everyday, right? It was something I knew I'd enjoy having, but certainly not a necessity. But what about something I do use almost every day that I suddenly no longer have the use of? Would I cave and buy it new if a good used item didn't turn up quickly? A couple weeks ago, my toaster oven went belly up. It was fairly inexpensive many years ago and I've used it almost daily for baking small batches and reheating leftovers (I don't own or want a microwave) without having to heat up my big oven so I'm certain I got my money's worth. Even so, it was a real disappointment to turn it on and... nothing. Boooooo. I played around with it to see if any settings still worked. Nope. Dead.

I discovered my sad, still-cold dinner when the timer went off. =(
I'd been on this path of not buying new for not quite a full month when this frequently used appliance took a permanent vacation, but my first instinct? Check craigslist. Not Amazon. =) I suppose my new way of living has officially stuck! I did check craigslist and found a couple of fairly reasonably priced options, but by the next day, I was reconsidering that route. I know I've seen plenty toaster ovens in the thrift stores in the past and at less than half the price these new ones are selling for on craigslist so... I decided to exercise my patience and wait for that great deal to come along. I'll keep an eye on craigslist too just in case. Until then, the stove top will just get a little extra work.

I'll admit, I love the empty space on the rack!
Would it be easier to hop on Amazon and order a new one? Yep! But easy isn't always the best way. =)

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