Friday, June 3, 2016

May craftiness

Another month has passed and the poncho that will not end is still... unfinished. I had high hopes, but I swear this thing is shrinking.

Plus, I didn't work on it much. ;-) Most of the finished objects for this pattern on Ravelry have been knit with 21-22 repeats of the pattern. The above has 21 completed repeats and even stretched, it's a good 10" from being long enough! This is why I don't knit sweaters often - they take forever! I do love how the two yarns are playing off each other and I know once finished and has had a nice bath and tumble in the dryer, it will be lovely and soft, but I have to admit... I am fighting the urge to frog this thing! I'm wondering if this yarn might be better in a different project. We'll see...

With the poncho on ice, I have started another knitting project that I can actually see progress on:

Socks! I looked and it's been a year and a half since I finished a pair of fingering weight socks. It's about time for another pair, yes? I'm not working on them often, but I can at least see some progress. ;-)

With my knitting mojo waning, I turned from the knitting needles to the sharper needle of my sewing machine. Now here, I can definitely see real progress! I started with a little something destined to be gifted to a little someone:

Over Mother's Day weekend, Amazon offered a deal for a full year of access to Creativebug classes for $25. I've taken classes from Craftsy, CreativeLive and other sites, but had been curious about Creativebug. I haven't been disappointed! I followed along with the videos (and printed pattern) and created this adorable bib. The first was so much fun, I've now made a second, but you'll see that in my June update along with more sewing from a different Creativebug class. :-)

Not too impressive for an entire month, huh? This is why it's a hobby. I do what and how much I want, when I want. No pressure. I do seem to be on a sewing kick now though so next month's post may have lots of fun stuff!

Until then, craft what makes you happy! I know I will. :-)