Sunday, September 4, 2016

What's the worst that could happen?

Ah, after my month off from shopping in July, I have ventured into the thrift stores a couple times but haven't brought much home. Thankfully, I broke the habit and am very picky about buying anything. I did find a great covered basket for $2 and knew exactly what I'd use it for. Perfect for my craft room to hide sewing supplies! Today though, I found something I've had on my list for ages... Cast iron pans! I've found a few here and there, but usually they're either made in China (I don't want to risk it as some have been found to contain lead) or they're insanely priced even when they've been abused. 

Years ago, I ditched my nonstick (Teflon) skillets in favor of stainless steel, but some things just work better in a less "sticky" pan. I picked up a set of ceramic coated pans a few years back and they work well, but after awhile, the coating chips (even though I only use wooden utensils in mine and no harsh scrubby to wash) and then you have to trash them. Not cool, as far as I'm concerned. So I've been wanting cast iron, but I'm also avoiding anything but secondhand shopping. Cast iron is nearly indestructible. I have friends cooking in pans inherited from their great-grandmothers! If you find a cheap, USA-made pan that the coating is gone, have no fear. It can be revived! So how did I finally luck out? Goodwill had them priced way too high. As in, one was actually priced higher than it sells for new. Maybe they were pricing by weight? LOL I looked up the prices on Amazon on my phone and decided to try for a better price at the register. Worst they could say was no, right? Then I'd just leave them behind and know it wasn't meant to be today.

8.5 and 12 inch skillets and a 10.5 inch griddle pan

It took awhile since they had to call a lead to come make a decision, but the guy eventually came and he gave me much more fair prices on the pans. Total paid for the three? Less than $20. The large pan alone sells for $27 from Amazon. 😀 They're technically new with the tags still on, but they need to be reseasoned. Maybe someone got them as a gift and left them in the garage, unused, until they cleaned it out and they made their way to me. Who knows. Reseasoning is easy enough and well worth the savings. I already have a cast iron Dutch oven  and two nice, heavy stainless steel pots (also thrift store finds!) so I'm all set! Patience wins again!

Have a pan you want to fix up? Lodge shows you how: