Thursday, January 14, 2016

thrifty gifting

I'm curious. What are your thoughts on secondhand gifts?

I've seen a few people making a pledge to not buy new, but giving themselves a pass on buying gifts for others new. I'm guessing this is much more about the giftee than the gifter since the gifter is making this pledge to not buy new for themselves. I'm not judging, we all need to decide what's right for us ourselves, it just got me thinking.

Personally, I'd love it if those who felt compelled to give me a physical gift did so by either finding the item secondhand or making it themselves - bonus points if they make something with materials they found secondhand! :-)

In my recent thrifty adventures, I've picked up a few items I feel will make great gifts for people in my life with birthdays in the near future. I sort of feel like the fates are with me on this. I'm browsing for something from my shopping list and see something perfect for so-and-so. It just so happens I'm in a thrift store and the price has fewer digits. Sure, the item may have passed through someone else's hands first, but does that give it less meaning?

I try to mostly give consumable gifts so I'm not adding to anyone's clutter. When I do give a non-consumable gift, they're often handmade, but I'm not averse to giving things found in a thrift store regardless if I think the recipient shots secondhand or not. To me, a gift shouldn't be about the price that was paid. Nor if someone else happened to have paid for it first. Added bonus? Shopping secondhand means way better gifts without breaking the budget. And really? Who would know anyway unless you tell them? ;-)

How about you? Do you give gifts procured secondhand? Would you be at all offended if you found out you weren't the first owner of a gift you received?


  1. Honestly, I prefer consumable gifts. I have enough stuff, you know? If it was something that I needed or really wanted, I would not mind that it was purchased second hand. :)

    1. I've been on the lookout for glass jars with lids to hold consumables to be gifted, but for years, I've kept an eye out for Christmas plates to gift baked goods on. I never pay more than $.99 and the giftee can either keep the plate to reuse or regift it. :-)

  2. I totally gave thrifted gifts over the holidays. I think as long as you find what you're looking for (and aren't just giving some random junk) and put some elbow grease into the object to make it clean and nice, there should be no problem with giving it. Honestly if I have people on my list who I know don't value handmade or recycled gifts they just get a heartfelt card and a hug lol.

    1. Exactly! The way I see it, if I don't know the person well enough to give a useful (to them) gift, why would I be giving them random crap? I hate those displays at the holidays with generic gift packs. If I do good and give something they can't use, I really hope they donate it and don't keep it out of guilt. That's why I especially love consumable gifts. :-)


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