Monday, January 25, 2016

finding contentment

Ads attempt to sell us not only more stuff, but discontentment. They tell us what we need to be happy, what we're missing out on. Oh, no! Our lives would be so much better, so much easier... if only we had this new thing. It's a load of crap. Yes, companies need to get the word out to stay in business and I certainly don't begrudge anyone making a living but I don't need to sit idly by and fill my head with advertising so I'm cutting out as much as possible.

I don't own a television. I watch anything I really want to see online. Depending on the site used, I often get to watch completely commercial free which makes me very happy. :-) The fewer tv commercials I see, the more annoying the ones are that sneak through. Earlier this month, I was hanging out in the waiting area at my mechanic's and they had a tv on. I had my nose in a book, but couldn't help the tv content seeping in. I kept wishing for an empty waiting area so I could turn it off or at least change the channel. Also? The Price is Right? Super annoying. I really wanted that guy's car to get finished so I could turn it off! lol

It's not just video ads I'm avoiding though. I used to get quite a few emails from companies I've purchased from in the past. Now? Not so much. As they come in, I unsubscribe from the mailing list. If I'm not shopping new, no need to know when the sales are! ;-) Added bonus is having an uncluttered inbox!

My goal is not just having less or knowing that I need less, but truly wanting less. I think I'm getting there. My whole house has lost a lot of weight as unnecessary items have made their way out the door and even though I've picked up a few items from the thrift store this month, I've also donated at least as much. I love being able to open a cabinet or drawer and quickly grab what I'm looking for without digging through gadgets I never use or clothes I never wear.

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  1. Wanting less is a great goal. I am striving for that too.


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