Saturday, January 9, 2016

in defense of food

Looking for something good to watch? Personally, I love a good documentary! This week while browsing the PBS app (free!, but you can also watch online at, I discovered In Defense of Food that is based on the Michael Pollan book of the same title. 

I'm currently reading another Pollan book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, in which Pollan traces back the ingredients of four meals with often rather disturbing results. More on that once I finish reading. :-) I plan to read In Defense of Food soon too.

As for the documentary, I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about a healthier diet. Our focus should be on mostly whole foods with minimal processing. So much science has invaded the food industry that many of the packaged "convenience" foods have labels that more closely resemble science experiments than something we should be consuming.

In America, where bigger is often mistaken as better, we have a lot to relearn about how to eat. I chose to follow a vegetarian diet early on (around 11-12) and in recent years have eliminated most animal products entirely, but that doesn't mean I always make the healthiest choices (I'm talking about you, candy cane Joe-Joe's!) and I've been trying to clean up my diet more. No, I'm not aiming for gluten-free, sugar-free or fat-free, but I am working on kicking the science experiments out of my cupboards. :-)

This documentary is a whole lot of common sense... something often lacking in our society these days. Simple is good! It also touches a bit on how psychology plays into our food choices. Very interesting!

Seen any good documentaries lately?


  1. I love Michael Pollen's books and will have to look for this documentary.

    1. You can still catch it on the PBS app (or online), but it's set to expire on 1/28/16. :-)


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