Friday, May 6, 2016

green your holidays with alternative gift wrap

So, I haven't had gift wrap in at least 4 years. I kind of hate it. I just can't bring myself to buy paper that gets used once, ever so briefly, and tossed. Depending on the paper you buy, it may be recyclable, but most comes wrapped in plastic so I skip it entirely and find other, usually more crafty, ways to wrap gifts.

Remember the handspun shawl I knit my mother for her birthday?

I used this great paper box I found at Goodwill awhile back. I think she loved the box almost as much as the shawl. lol She said she planned to use it in her sewing area. Of course, if she didn't plan to use it, it would be great for gifting something else to someone. I'm just happy to hear it's not headed to either recycling or the landfill. =)

Thrift stores are a great place to find inexpensive containers for gifts. I limit myself to $1 max to keep the cost down and have found some great boxes to reuse. Think outside the box though! I've found a few lidded baskets like these:

I spotted these little baskets a month or two ago and snapped them up, knowing I'd be in need of containers this Spring. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the round one started its life as a toilet paper roll holder. lol It's perfect for a caked up skein of handspun though! =)

A skein of handspun sent to my mother for Mother's Day this year. =)
I've sewn simple drawstring bags like this:

They work not only as a reusable gift bag, but if the recipient is a knitter or crocheter, they're great project bags too! These were made from purchased fabric, but these days I'd just find a clothing item at the thrift store to remake into a bag if I didn't have anything in my stash. =)

Don't care if the container completely hides the contents? Check out open baskets, pails or even vases or maybe a mug for something small? Is the recipient a cook? Use a baking dish as sort of a gift basket. There are so many items in the thrift stores that are in new condition that make great gifts or containers for gifts, don't cost a lot and help keep trash out of the landfill. =)

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