Wednesday, March 16, 2016

leaving it to fate

A funny thing has happened since deciding not to buy new products. The thrift stores keep providing! Well, almost always anyway. I've still yet to find a good toaster oven. But on the crafty side of things, I've had absolutely no urge to step foot into a craft store.

One of my local thrift stores puts all but the newest items half off each Saturday. Last week, I left with nothing. Sure, there were some interesting items, but nothing I needed. This week?

a very crafty thrift store haul!
I hit the crafty mother load! I could hardly believe it when I spotted this pretty spinning fiber laying atop a bin of fabric and acrylic yarn! And yes! It had been there at least a week so it was an even better deal. :-) At $4, I figured I couldn't go wrong and happily tossed it into my basket. Even if there is a bit of felting, it'll still be well worth the price!

I rip out and keep the zippers from any clothing items I repurpose, but I'm always on the lookout for good closures and was not disappointed that day. I found a pack of 3 zippers (50 cents) and another package of closures - snaps, hooks and eyes and even an overall buckle (also 50 cents). As I kept wandering, I spotted this inkle loom tossed on a table in the furniture dept. Full price, but only $5. :-) I was thinking warping board and I do believe it will be used that way, but I'm happy with the find either way.

When I first started thrifting, I tended to look in only particular areas of the store. Big mistake. lol I quickly realized that those sorting donations and placing them on shelves don't always know what the item is. I've seen pet items placed among kitchen utensils and parts of a set* split up and put in separate areas of the store, and of course the shoppers who change their minds often just place things on a shelf nearby so things aren't always where you'd think. The thrift stores here aren't massive so a quick browse up and down aisles doesn't take long, esp if you're pretty good at spotting the gems, and the extra effort can result in great discoveries.

While I do go in with a list and try to stick to it, occasionally, something comes along you can't pass up.

I have plenty of spinning fiber in my stash, but there was no way I was leaving this behind! Sometimes, you just have to trust fate. :-) I wonder what this will become... it's already on its way to becoming yarn. So far, no real felting issues with the fiber either. 

What's been your favorite crafty, thrifty find?

*A note on donating: If you're donating items that go together, help the thrift store employees out and bag the items together or use a rubber band to hold them together. It may seem clear to you that they go together, but it's not always to them. This helps them not to get separated and increases the odds the items will sell and not end up in the landfill. :-)

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