Tuesday, November 22, 2016

episode 65: living with less (stash)


Check out Babbles Travelling Yarns if you love travel and eco-friendly discussions. =)

The 2017 Biggest Loser Stash Reduction KAL/CAL/WAL/SAL is being hosted by Benita of The Fiber Pusher Podcast and Debbie and Sheila of Never Cast Off. Check it out! I already know I'm not winning, but it'll be fun playing along! =)


  1. Hi Karen! Loved this episode! I am a bit new to "finding" you and am trying to go back and watch older episodes. Though I love watching crafting podcasts from many different people I have to admit that its such a pleasure watching someone whose ethics and values are closer to my own.
    With your newer appreciation to cotton I wonder, do you spin cotton? I ask because that, I think, is my 2017 goal. Maybe with a Charkha.
    If you like that Pachuko cotton the best source for it in all weights and in spinning fiber is www.veganyarn.com. Gorgeous stuff in all the natural undyed colors.She also has all sorts of hand dyed yarns too, cotton and blends in all weights. I particularly love her natural dyed yarns that she grows the mediums for them herself. If you catch this comment soon enough she is doing a black Friday thing for 25 percent off using"BLACKFRIDAY". Might be a good excuse to treat yourself. :)
    I really look forward to future videos!

    1. Well, you already know you enabled me, Lorri. ;-) I can't wait to receive my hand-dyed cotton. I've been looking at patterns already. Thank you for sharing the site and sale. She dyed some gorgeous yarn! There are so many great indie dyers out there, but they mostly just dye wools. Nice to have that alternative.

      Ooh, so you already have a charkha? I don't, but I do have the lace flyer for my Hansen eSpinner and that's supposed to work well for cotton. I haven't jumped in yet, but I do have some natural colored organic cotton fiber to spin. Also, rose, banana and bamboo.

      I definitely hear you on the podcasts. I get so excited when I stumble across one that talks about sourcing ecologically friendly fibers and such. I enjoy several podcasts that use all commercial wools, but it's just so refreshing to find someone trying to lighten their impact through their craft and daily life. I know it inspires me to keep going and gives me new ideas. I'll definitely be sharing the podcasts I find that lean toward the green side. :-)

  2. I am so glad you got my message in time to take advantage of the sale. I love Heidi's yarns but find them a bit cost prohibitive for larger projects so I love when she has a sale. I just wish I had remembered about the monetary conversion before check out as I would have bought another skein. lol
    Right now I am just playing with spindles. I have been a Vegan so long that I have never spun easier fibers like wool. So its a start with cotton. I am eyeing a charkha as we speak. I have wanted one for a long time but really want to make sure I will use it. I suffer a bit from crafting ADD and love to learn new things but don't always stick with them once I learn them.
    I look forward to any future adventures you might have spinning Bast fibers. I envy you the Hansen and will look forward to how well it works with cotton.

    1. Ahh, I missed picking up a secondhand charkha locally by thismuch! I saw the ad on craigslist less than a day after it was posted, but someone beat me to it. My thrifty luck did not hold out this time. lol

      I honestly was heading toward plant fibers until I started spinning. No one I knew was spinning anything but wool and I'd heard plants were so much harder. I'm not sure I really believe that now. I really wish I didn't have so much wool fiber stash though. Like with the yarn, I kind of just want a clean break like I did with the commercial wool yarns. I'm working through my woolly handspun now, but there's so much fiber still to spin... I think I'm pulling some cotton out next though. I just want to jump in! I'm right there with you on the crafting ADD. Learning new things is so much fun!

      I'm eagerly awaiting my VY order! I can't wait to share that with everyone and hopefully send some more business her way.


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