Monday, August 1, 2016

July craftiness

 July ended with a heat wave... we are all waiting for Fall! But for now, another month has passed and time for a crafty update!

First up, sewing! Surprised? haha I borrowed a copy of Sewing to Sell by Virginia Lindsay from my local library mainly for this pattern:

I love them! I plan to make a couple more for myself, but so far this has been enough for my weekly grocery runs. 😊 It's harder to see if the above pic, but the orange and blue bags? Those are from thrifted cotton men's shirts:

And yes, both have pockets. 😀 Perfect for the receipt or whatever. The interior fabric and both fabrics for the red bag were also secondhand fabrics. It just took a couple small adjustments to use the shirts for the exteriors. They're super comfy to carry when full and are surprisingly roomy. I actually used my old store bought bags when I decluttered my kitchen and donated the bags too. I'm seriously thinking of making some of these to sell. They're so fun!

But wait, don't I still knit?

I do!

Knit designer Rachel Borello Carroll designed a set of sea creatures and this was the first... an adorable manatee! I used bulky yarn for an bigger stuffy and ended up with this football-sized critter. So cute! Not sure when I'll be makin the others, but I'm sure they'll come eventually.

I spent a good deal of the past week culling my yarn stash and prepping for a massive destash. Details here if you're interested! ðŸ˜‰

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