Friday, April 22, 2016

every day should be Earth Day!

What a good day to reexamine how we're living and the impact we have on the Earth! 

The changes I've made this year have become more routine and take less effort to stick with these days. I won't say I've been perfect at not buying anything with packaging that can't be either composted, reused or recycled, but the amount of trash I produce is still down considerably! (And it was pretty minimal to begin with.) Most grocery shopping trips result in no trash at all, but there are a few items I haven't been able to get in either bulk or with completely earth-friendly packaging. Mostly, I just skip buying those items, but once in awhile I do pick up something in plastic. It's about progress, not perfection. :-) The great thing is that zero waste seems to be getting more and more popular with a wider range of people. I'm hoping this is a trend that continues. More people demanding less packaging can only result in more options for all of us.

My efforts to only shop secondhand have been going well too! My first urge now is to look for a secondhand item whenever I need something or if that fails, to figure out a workaround with something I already have on hand until I can find it secondhand (if I still think I need it). It's funny, if you wait long enough, you'll see just about everything go through the thrift store! Garage sale season is upon us as well so there are deals to be had! Maybe I'll finally find a good used toaster oven... I did finally find my wished-for cherry pitter! :-) I'm now well prepared for the summer harvests. 

I'm watching my own plants come to life and even have a few green strawberries already in my new little patch and the gooseberry bush I planted last year has quite a few teeny berries forming! I'll have to fence off the black raspberry canes before they start producing so Gus and Reilly don't eat them all this year. ;-) I have two tiny mulberry trees being delivered later today. How's that for timing?! They'll be tiny so I think I'll pot them this year then maybe plant them out front next summer. We'll see. They're supposed to be a great way to keep birds and squirrels away from other garden plants and trees, though I'll admit I bought them more for me. lol With the temps rising here, I've been bringing along a doggie water bottle for Gus. Reilly loves the heat, but Gus is more like me and overheats more easily. I've been making sure we end our walks in the park near the blueberry bush Gus discovered last summer so I can empty whatever water is left in the bottle near the bush. Summers are hot and dry here so any extra moisture will be happily soaked up and hopefully result in a little better blueberry crop this year. I might need a bigger water bottle...

So, I'll be planting a couple trees (and watering a wild blueberry bush) on Earth Day. Do you have any earth-friendly plans?


  1. Hey Karen! I have been missing you so much and just gone on Ravelry and saw you had ended your podcast. :-( I have enjoyed your podcast thru the years sooo much. I'll miss seeing little Reilly and Gus too. They are so adorable and loving. I'll pm you on Rav occasionally to just check in. Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I miss. I've got a sweet project bag you made me a couple of years ago when I won a prize. It's black with candy corn...remember it! I always use it in the fall and always think of you. Take care and give your fur babies a love for me! Terri (knitpick56 on Rav)

    1. Hey, Terri! You're too sweet. Of course I remember the bag. :-) Glad you're still enjoying it. Yeah, it was time for a change.

  2. Do you think you could do an episode every so often just so we can see what all you're working on? There are so many new podcasters out there now, but I'm always partial to my podcast friends I've been close to for so long. Yours was always special because of sweet little Gus and Reilly. I always loved it when Reilly would just lay his little head on your shoulder as you talked. He is such a sweet baby. And Gus is so precious too. My baby is too big to hold like that...a Doberman! She's glued to me at the hip though and would be on my lap if she could!

    Changing the subject, I'm in the mood for starting a new shawl. Any ideas for a pretty "free" shawl pattern on Rav? I've got lots in my library but seems like none strike my fancy at the moment. I have plenty of worsted and fingering weight yarns that I'd like to use out of my stash, so whatever I decide on I won't have to go buy new yarn.

    Are you getting to work out in your yard very much yet? I need to start planting seed but first need to do some serious weeding. I bought some Preen to use in the flowerbeds which is "supposed" to keep weeds away for several months. One thing about it, I sure can grow healthy weeds but don't have much luck with flowers. The soil here is red clay and it is like digging in concrete. The weeds thrive though.

    Gotta go. I just realized I was out of milk and I have to have it before I can drink my coffee tonight! Take care and stay in touch, okay? I will try to remember the next time I'm on Rav to PM you my email address and we can stay in touch that way too. Hope you have a good week!

    Love ya, Terri


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